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Fire Flame Garden Pathway 96 Light Solar LED Lights - Pack of 4

MPPT Solar  Charge Controller

12 Volt / 24 Volt Automatic Sensing 20 Amp Maximum Power Point Tracking Solar Charge Controller.  WIFI Enabled 

  • EMPOWERING GREEN AND CLEAN ENERGY:  These units find themselves as awesome components in off-grid, RV, BOAT, and Home Systems.   These are adaptable for multiple environments and can fit in almost any solar system.   Designed with a reliable LCD Display and Phillips Head Screw Terminals for easy status of the system and intuitive connection of your Solar Panels and Battery of choice. 


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  • 100% INTEGRATED SENSORS & DETECTION:  No more tedious programming and selection of settings.   These units detect the battery voltage automatically allowing for use in either a 12 Volt application or 24 Volt Application without complicated steps.  The unit also has built in Sensors to ensure the optimum battery life through regulation of the Volts and Amperage being sent to the battery. 

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  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & INDUSTRY WIDE CERTS: These units follow the ROHS environmentally conscious rules and standards to ensure the creation of these units don't harm the environment.   These units are also CE Compliant and ISO 9001 Certified to ensure you're getting the best product. 

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  • WHY YOU NEED A SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER: A solar charge controller is a critical component in a solar energy storage and generation system for a few reasons.   Most applications require PV Solar Panels connected to a rechargeable battery of some kind.   Without a Solar charge controller the batteries would back feed into the solar panel at night and discharge your batteries and could cause damage to the panels.  This controller PREVENTS battery back feeding at night.   Another critical concept is having the proper and optimized voltage to load and the batteries.  Without this regulation it could cause damage to sensitive loads or even damage your batteries shortening their lifespans.  This controller handles all of this for you, creating a safe and peace of mind environment for your system. 

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