Energy World Tech is a Gould Technologies LLC of PA Brand dedicated to delivering green, clean, and solar products to our customers and clients.  The Brand was created with solar charge controllers catering to the needs of the DIY, RV, Boater or OFF-Grid folks.  The whole time the company has grown to offer solar panels and multiple kinds of solar charge controllers.  Meanwhile, we have projects in the works for design production, and distribution of custom technologies. 

Clean and Green​​

ROHS Compliant devices help provide for the manufacturing of products that help to preserve the environment while the products themselves help the end user generate clean energy.    


Off-Grid , RV, and Boat applications are a great way to keep back up power systems available while allowing the comfort of power no matter where you travel for recreation.   With todays energy efficient appliances, a compact solar system can run major systems on your boat and RV.   This brand is dedicated to bringing our customers this independence from complete kits to solar walk way lights to aesthetically pleasing solar gadgets. 


Bloomberg Green 


"The solar industry has spent decades slashing the cost of generating electricity direct from the sun. Now it’s focusing on making panels even more powerful."

Solar Is Dirt-Cheap and About to Get Even More Powerful - Bloomberg

Bloomberg Supercharging Solar Energy

“Now that they’ve made them cheap, companies are working to make them more powerful.” What's the next step in super-charging solar panels? Heesu Lee explores how KEPCO's research into a material called Perovskite could be the solution. (Source: Bloomberg)"

What Is Perovskite and Is It the Answer to Making Solar Panels More Powerful? Video - Bloomberg


Inspired by the outer reaches of space this brand wants to engage in technologies that can be used in future intergalactic travel once we grow to the point of engaging those brilliant folks whom are inspired and do research in space energy technologies. 




Our products are listed on and will be available to be fulfilled through Amazon




To offer our customers the most engaging experience we have made our products available on E-Bay for bids and offers. 




The power of WIX has been utilized to provide a website that is captivating for our audiance.