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100 Watt 12v Flexible Solar Panel.

Our fully compatible flexible solar panels are light weight, durable, flexible and pack a huge amount of captured solar energy.    Features A fully integrated junction box at the top for flush mounting on recreational vehicles and boats.    The panels combine the world class industry standard weather proof MC4 connector along with prefabricated mounting holes. 

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12V / 24V PWM Solar Charge Controller.
  • POWERFUL & LIGHTWEIGHT -  GENERATES YOUR POWER FROM SOLAR:  Finding the right charge controller for your application can be a task.  This Pulse Width Modulation Solar Charge Controller is a good looking , solid , and easy to use controller for solar applications. TRUE and tried tested 3 Stage PWM Charging keeps your solar system optimized and efficient.  

  • 100% INTEGRATED SENSORS & DETECTION:  No more tedious programming and selection of settings.   These units detect the battery voltage automatically allowing for use in either a 12 Volt application or 24 Volt Application without complicated steps.  The unit also has a built in Temperature Sensor to ensure the optimum battery life through regulation of the Volts and Amperage being sent to the battery. 

  • PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZED:  These units can handle an array of different battery types to include LEAD, AGM, GEL, and FLOOD.  Temperature compensation creates an operation at battery voltage that creates an environment for these units to perform great in warm temperatures and when the battery is reaching its maximum capacity. 

  • EMPOWERING GREEN AND CLEAN ENERGY:  These units find themselves as awesome components in off-grid, RV, BOAT, and Home Systems.   These are adaptable for multiple environments and can fit in almost any solar system.   Designed with a reliable LCD Display and Phillips Head Screw Terminals for easy status of the system and intuitive connection of your Solar Panels and Battery of choice. 

  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY & INDUSTRY WIDE CERTS: These units follow the ROHS environmentally conscious rules and standards to ensure the creation of these units don't harm the environment.   These units are also CE Compliant and ISO 9001 Certified to ensure you're getting the best product. 

  • This 12v 24v Auto 20A MPPT Charge Controller is an intelligent, multi-purpose lithium ion solar charge controller. This lithium charge controller comes with a fixed LCD display with a very simple and reliable user interface.  This unit is also ideal for use in lead, agm, and gel charging and maintenance.  It is a must have in every solar application to ensure you get the correct voltage and optimal amps to your battery or your system loads.

  • The Phillips head screw terminals make for easy solar panel, battery, and load (optional) connections. The 12v solar controller also has USB outputs for charging mobile devices, or directly powering devices from solar, and it is compatible with most solar and battery applications including lithium ion.

  • This charge controller for solar panels, main function is to charge batteries from solar panels, and provides direct power output through the load or USB ports. The 20A MPPT solar charge controller will match between the solar array and the battery bank or grid tie providing the optimal delivery of energy. The 20A solar controller sends the best voltage to get maximum AMPs flowing to your 24V lithium battery.  The technology used is maximum power point tracking and in the solar industry is a great solution for lithium battery applications to ensure the best energy storage solution.   

  • A critical feature of this device is its ability to prevent solar panels from battery back-feeding at a night. This feature prevents batteries from becoming discharged overnight or damaging the solar panels.   

  • The unit itself can be used in both 12 volt or 24 volt applications while it's design allows for easy mounting in many different spaces.  

  • The unit is built to fit into many solar application to include RV, Automotive, Boat, Off-Grid, and professional installations. Once you purchase the product in most cases all you need to do is connect your panels and battery. 

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